Thursday, 3 May 2012

Why Not?

My Mom is smart:

Self Prep

I have been working on Self Prep for my summer position with YouthWorks. Below is what I journal (organized a little, so that it makes sense, I hope):

What is your prayer for the summer?

Me: "Jesus what do you want to do with me this summer?"

JC: “I want to change you Maria.”

Me: “Well that is quite obvious, you always want to change me Jesus, that is the business you are in, reconciling and transforming. How specifically do you want to change me this summer Jesus?”

JC: “I want take all the wrong thinking you have about yourself and about me and replace it with my living Truth, that will live and breathe in and through you, I want to make you holy, I want to make you into the living example, the prophet that I have been intending you to be, but it will not be like you think Maria. It is thought the day in and the day out, the tough and mundane, being faithful in the littler things so that I can give you the bigger things, this summer is just the start, be faithful in this summer and I will move you further into your destiny, but don’t worry Maria I am with you, I will never leave and Holy Spirit is working in you giving you the desire and the power to all this! It is going to be a great summer. Stay in prayer, stay focused on ME, not yourself, not your staff, not the task at hand, but place me first, and all else will be given to you Maria. Make me the filter through which you see people and work.”


Why are you doing a YouthWorks summer?

Because I have a passion for the church, specifically for the “sleepy” church, the comfortable and complacent church, I want to call the church out of their pews and into the streets to love on “the lest of theses.” I was a youth of the church, and God woke me up through something similar to YW, and I love seeing youth “get it,” it is so exciting to see them catch the fire of God’s love for the broken, hurting people that the rest of the world passes by. There are people that need to be loved right here, you don’t have to go to Mexico or Africa to love people; you can love them right where you are. I am passionate about showing young people that their lives are a mission field, and that it is about living the Gospel right where they are, in their schools, churches, on their streets and in their homes.

At the end of the summer on YW staff, what goals are you hoping to have accomplished? In what areas would you like to grow this summer?

I hope to have grown in my leadership abilities and to have come to know who I am in Christ in a deeper way. I want to learn how to trust in God, trust I am who He says I am, and to trust that that He is alive in me, working all things out. I want to learn how to abide in Jesus, in and through it all, everyday life, no separation between sacred and secular. I want to be His and Him mine. I want to be deeper in love with Jesus. I want to be set ablaze for Him. I want to have no other concerns beside Him and His Good News. I want to be completely sold out for my King, Saviour, Lord and Father. I want to be holy as He is. Amen.