Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Love of the Lord is Strong, the Love of the Lord is Forever

In class we did an exercise called listening prayer.

I "heard" the voice of the Lord say "the love of the Lord is strong, the love of the Lord is forever."

Simple, yet profound, God is good like that.

My prayer:

Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit - your love is strong, it can break through any walls that are built up in my mind and heart. It can break any chains that I am wrapped up in. Your love is SO MUCH stronger than the grip of the devil and all his demons combined.

Holy Spirit please make this a reality in my life, in me, through me and around me.

Jesus, I need to see and experience the strength of your love.


AND this community needs to experience the strength of your love. PLEASE.


Forever FOREVER,

Never NEVER ending,

This is your great love for me (us).

Thank you Jesus, Father God, thank you Holy Spirit.

No matter what you will never stop fighting for us,

You will never ever give up on us,

You will purse us FOREVER and EVER.


Jesus this is an unfathomable truth, in the world we life in, we cannot understand an forever, never ending , no matter what love.

Please Holy Spirit continue to help me to understand and experience how deep, wide, long and tall is my Father's ;ove for me.

ALSO for this whole community, Jesus, we all need to understand and experince you strong never ending love.

Please Jesus reveal this love to the lost, broken and hurting people all around me… through me?

I can NOT do this. I can NOT love people anything even close to how you do.

I NEED your love.

I need YOU to love the lost, broken and hurting people through me with your BIG STRONG FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT LOVE.



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