Sunday, 11 November 2012


Disclaimer: Life is a b!tch and then you die! Yet, God is good all the time, so I will praise His Holy Name for He alone is worthy. Amen.

I need thee, I NEEEEED…
broken, lost, angry, confused, happy, and at peace. I live in a paradox and call it life?
Whose life is this? NO, it can’t be mine… can it?
Full, abundant, and purpose driven.
Not mine.
Empty, abandoned, and mad with envy.
That is who I am.
NO! This just doesn't measure up. WHAT THE F#CK!
God is near,
He is right here, in my heart and my head.
Than how is it that I…
Oh Father, Son, and Holy Ghost please come and rescue this little lost soul, once again,
over and over again.
Like a bad dream. I live life as a single sigh of grief…
NOT SO! Not forever, there is coming a New Day!
I hear the Father whisper into my heart's ear, “hold on tight dear girl…
I am near, I am coming home, I will take you away, I will renew, revive and release,
all will be well with your soul.
Be not in fear anymore for I am with you Maria, till the end of time… and beyond.
You are my girl and I am your Father.
Be loved, by me forever and ever

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