Sunday, 30 December 2012

Not Alone

Beyond the pain and suffering there is something deeper, there is Truth.
The God of all joy and peace is found in the tears of the afflicted, for He has endured the greatest pain of all,
He bore all creations suffering on the cross.
He is with us in our screams, His louder than our own.
As we suffer, He suffers.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
He is not alone, and neither are we.
Together, with God at our side we face the horrors of hell, knowing He has been victorious!

I hear the Father whisper into my soul "Be at peace and know that you are my chosen beloved."

I AM the eye of the storm,
everything whirls and swirls around you,
in the chaos I bring you peace.

I AM your anchor,
cling to me and I will hold you still, giving you rest.
Be still my dear child and know that I AM your God,
forever and ever.

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