Saturday, 21 December 2013

Come Let Us Adore Him

Oh come let us adore Him
all the days of our lives
into eternity... Jesus Christ the Lord

Jesus is the reason for every season. full stop.

The purpose, joy, the life, meaning of my breathing in and out
day after day...


Let us fix our eyes on Jesus
for He alone is worthy.

God is with us!
baby Jesus, Christ the Lord!

Oh come let us adore Him

Put aside your worries,
put aside you anger and disappointments
and come to the cross, come to Jesus, for He is with you.
He has come to set you free, to give you life, and life to the fullest.
So set aside your bitterness,
set aside the frustrations and the what ifs
and be set free to live in abundance
love, joy, and peace...

forever and ever...

Jesus, Son of God, Emmanuel, Christ the Lord.

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