Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chasing the dragon

I am reading a truly profound book written by and about Jackie Pullinger called “Chasing the Dragon.”

My pastor Lynne gave the book to me, out of the God blue, and it gave me goose bumps because the name of my War College year is Dragon Slayers!

I deeply identify with Jackie, which confused me at first, because we come from different countries (her England and me Canada) we are being called in two different decades (her the 1960s me the 2010s), two different religious backgrounds (her Catholic, and mine Dutch Christian Reformed), we have very different life experiences (she being a bit of a goody two-shoes and me not so much) also I have lived in different cities, countries, done YWAM and other mission work, my understanding of God, Jesus and the Spirit is different, and she is called to Hong Kong and I feel that I am called to urban Canada, Victoria to be specific. Despite all these differences as I started to read her story, I felt a deep spirit and soul connection with this woman. As I was describing this to Lynne she said something along the lines that you both have the same heart, you want to be used by God. This hit the nail on the head!

As I read Jackie’s story I see my heart in her, this is a great honour as she is an incredible lover of Jesus and people and I pray that I will some day be able to live the life of love that she has. As I read the truly miraculous ways God works in and through her life, I can feel my spirit crying “I want to be a part of that, I want what she has, and I want to be used by God.” My hunger for God is increasing; my deep longing for His love and power to flow into and out of me is increasing. I read how God provides for her every need in incredible ways, how He heals people from addictions and all kinds of diseases, how He loves people through this women, how He draw the most unlikely people to Himself, and how He teacher and shapes her and I think “there is no reason He can’t do that in and through my life!” Jackie’s story is encouraging and challenging me to ask for, reach for, and live for all that God has promised us, which is an ABUNDANT life, I do not want to settle for anything less then EVERYTHING! I will live life to the FULLEST, because anything else would be a waste, and disregarding the sacrifice Jesus made to give us the full and abundant life!

I am finding this book to be incredibly edifying, I encourage you all to read it, but more than that I encourage you all to find books about real people who are living their lives in love with Jesus, because they will encourage you and challenge you in your own walk of faith.

What are some book about people that you have read that have encouraged and challenged you?

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