Thursday, 12 January 2012

I Pinky Swear

If there is no man in the sky, why do I hold my head up so high?

High to see the sky bright blue, with fluffy white sheep skipping across the field.

High to bathe in the rays of joy streaming down on me from a star that is not to far but not to close.

This world we skip, jump, dance and sometimes sing in is held together by a perfect string

One thing off and poof, bang, alakazam! We are no more.

Is there a God? How should I know? Do I look like a woman with all the answers?

Oh but, yes there is a God

A BIG one, and just one at that.

He or rather she or wait a minute God has no gender or sex or sexual orientation for that matter

He is far above all that, yet He is… oh look there I am using pronouns again.

Please excuse me, I’m not perfect. Are you?

God is, yup perfect in all ways, not one mistake, not one.

That includes you, you my friend are no mistake, you are a well thought out plan.

From the start God dreament you up, so long ago, before the ground you walk on was down, before the stars burned in the night sky, even before the very first kiss, you were the twinkle in God’s eye.

You are special, so very special, no matter how low you go or high you rise, you will never ever be out of the reach of God’s loving embrace.

This is not science paper or theological debate, this is not even a poem, here you have some late night ramblings, all to tell you that GOD LOVES YOU!

I pinky swear.

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