Thursday, 3 October 2013

I'm blocked up!

This morning I asked Jesus (prompted by Chamber's devotional) "what is getting I between you and me?" Please tell me Jesus... Oh did he speak! Praise his holy and compassionate name!
My desires to be loved and to be happy... Which are of course meant to be satisfied by Jesus, but I don't really trust that he will...
Doubt and distrust are the big (old and persistent) blocks that are getting in between Jesus and I, and ultimately stoping me from receiving what I need and desire, namely love, peace, and joy! So instead of receiving these from Jesus I turn to other things in a desperate attempt to be fulfilled! Which needless to say for the long term (though often it feels like they do for the short term) they do not satisfy.
OK so next I asks my Jesus, how do I go from doubt to faith and trust?
And he answered me... 
One step at a time, Maria this will not happen over night, daily you need to chose to believe. A great start is for you to be reading your Bible, praying and worshiping every day. Meeting with other believes regularly for prayer and study together, as iron will sharpen iron. 
Be persistent Maria, don't give up, keep pressing in, knowing that you do have faith (no matter how small it is) and I AM the perfector of your faith, not you, so don't worry my dear one, just fix your eyes on Me.


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