Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Supernatural

Good morning ya'll!

This sunny morning I was sitting in front of my window, with the sun shining on my face, and I asked the Lord to speak to me, and these are the words I heard:

"I love you and I am next to you."

I thought back "OK those are nice words, and so good to hear again, but do you have anything else?"

And He said to me "Maria that is all you ever need to hear, those are all the words anyone ever needs to hear, that I love them and that I am near to them. From these words will flow the supernatural, because My love and nearness empowers you."

Whoa! Amen! As I journaled the Spirit expanded on this idea...

"because with Me at your side what/whom shall you fear? Nothing and no one! So you are unstoppable as you trust in my love, as long as you trust me, listen to me, and walk with me (obey), which I have made possible because I am right next to you! In fact I am IN you! So dear ones see and believe that I AM the LORD your God who loves you and is next to you in this battle we call life."

WHOA! AMEN! YES! Jesus is right next to us, HIS SPIRIT IS IN US! Giving us the power and the desire to do what the pleases the Father! So dear ones, loved by God, draw near to Him, because He is already near to you, and He wants to give you the power, strength, joy, and peace of His perfect and everlasting love!

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