Sunday, 8 September 2013

Why am I at Regent?

As I am about to start my second year (a year has gone by already can you believe it!!) at Regent College, I have been reflecting on why I am studying at Regent...

I am at Regent to study Theology (the study of God), so I am at Regent to study God... To come to know him more and more, so that I can teach others about who He is! And as I come to a deeper understanding of him, I know myself deeper as well, I learn what it means to be human, and a Christian... And then I can teach others what it means to be truly human and what it looks like to follow Jesus...

So I am at Regent to learn so that I can teach... Oh what a joy, what a great blessing, and what a great privilege and responsibility! Thank you Jesus, may it all be for your glory Amen

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