Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pride Rears It's Hideous Head

I was reading Isaiah 57 last night.

The note on (from my study Bible) verses 11-13 said, Maria's paraphrase, people do not fear God they fear humans, and cling to false assurances.

I am doing this.

I am fearing man over God. I am seeking mans approval over God's. In all I do, I want man to say good job, well done, I am impressed, you are so wise, I can see God in you, look at you, you are doing such great things and on and on. Sick sick SICK!

Be honest how many of you can relate?( Come on raise your hands, no one can see you).

Please forgive me Lord Jesus (Praise His name He has already forgiven me, thank you Jesus for your forgiveness). Holy Spirit please please please heal me of this deadly disease.

It really is a disease, it will eat away at your mind and heart, until you are fully consumed with yourself and have lost all focus on Jesus.

It is pride.

If you have this disease ask Jesus to do some spiritual surgery on your mind and heart. He is the only one that can and will remove all of this deadly mind and heart eating disease. Please take this seriously. You can not remain passive. If you just try and ignore it or think it will take care of its self, it can be fatal.

There is hope.

I heard Jesus say to me: I will tell you that you are beautiful, smart, intelligent, funny and incredible. I approve of you, more than that I delight in you Maria! I God of the Universe delight in YOU! Is this not enough for you?

I answered  honestly: No, apparently not … I am sorry, please forgive me (He has), please heal my wrong thinking and broken feelings (He is).  Jesus I need and want to be free in your approval and great delight.  Please help me to understand how deep, wide, tall and long your love is for me Amen.
   - It is in your love and approval that I will be free to worship you, free to be me, free to love you, myself and others, free to be free, free to glorify your name, to sing your praises! FREE!

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom AMEN!

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