Thursday, 29 March 2012


I have decided to start reading 1 Psalm a day. I started with Psalms 1, imagine that! Not a very long Psalm, compared to 119, but it is filled full with insight and wisdom.  The three points that I reflected on are:

Refuse to follow the moral orientation (lifestyle) of the world. Be different, set apart, live a prophetic life style saying that there is another way, a better and healthier way and His name is Jesus. (Please note this is NOT an eaiser way, in fact the opposite is true it will be harder, tougher and rougher but it is the only way to life everlasting. Amen).

Mediate: mutter to yourself in pursuit of insight (to know and follow God’s Word). I love the imagery of this, Christians just going through out their day muttering scripture under their breath over and over again, like a cow chewing it’s cud.

I am blessed to be a blessing: a tree bears fruit not for its self, but for others (This metaphor really made me think).

I would suggest chewing on that for a day: you are blessed not for yourself but for others.

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