Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Rock

In the darkness I see no Light. Where are you?
In the chaos I hear no Peace.
Where are you?
In the pain I feel no Hope.
Where are you?
In the fear I am consumed by doubt. I have lost Joy.
Where are you?

I have not forgotten the Truth, I only cannot find Him.

Goodbye sanity, goodbye blue bird. My prayer is that someday soon you will return to me with an olive branch, and then I will once again see the Son, I will feel the warmth of hope on my face and peace will fill me.

I long for that day, when I no longer will be bond by this mortal body with its evil desires. I will at last be free, completely free to be truly human, fully human, no longer a shadow in this waste land.

I will be a real live girl in a whole new world.

Oh what a moment that will be! I must feast on this vision, never letting it slip far from my heart or I will lost, forever.

The assurances that there is more, better greater, far superior, absolutely mind blowing is the thread that keeps me from unravelling into the abyss of never ending sorrows, of hell.

Hold onto, cling to with your dear life, never let go.

We each get one chance to eternal freedom, eternal bliss. All this can only and will only be found in the man who is God, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, the Lover of our broken souls, the Rock on which I stand today declaring that He alone is worthy of all our praise, honour and glory.

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