Thursday, 9 May 2013

Focal Point?

What's the point!?

This morning Jesus reminded me not to focus on the job or task, even if it's a good God project, but to focus on Him! 

I was getting discouraged, because I was thinking what am I doing? What is the point of my life? I study, I work, I play, but am I really making a difference? There are so many in justices, and should be doing something about them!!! Which is true, but the problem is if my focus is fighting the injustices I will always be discouraged because they are never ending, and I can never do enough or be good enough! So Jesus said "Maria do not focus on the yourself, what you are doing or not doing, focus on ME, please, because I AM you're source of life, peace, and joy. As you continue to get to know me, through praise, prayer, and study (all in community), your mind and heart will be transformed and you will bear much fruit, such as fight injustice.


What are you focusing on?

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