Wednesday, 13 July 2011


This morning I was answering some questions in a devotional I am doing. I was asked the question what does “grace” mean to you? These are the stream of words and thoughts that I wrote on the page:

Grace? peace. deep breath. no worries. let it all go. lay it down. Give up! Jesus has it all under control. Be still child and know I AM God. Rest love patience joy kindness. genteelness faithfulness goodness HOPE. not me, Jesus. not by my strength or power but by God’s Spirit alone. It is all about God. for Him from Him and through Him. Blessed. saved. sanctified. FREEDOM! Love and mercy in abundance. Thank you. a life of gratitude and praise to the King of kings the grace giver Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your turn! Grab a pen and paper. Don’t over think this. Let the words flow from your heart and mind onto the paper. Do not filter them, edit them or monitor them. Now answer the question What does “grace” mean to you

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