Thursday, 7 July 2011

Playing tug of war with Jesus!?

A lot has been happening in the past month or so. A lot spiritually that is. God is always working in our lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit are minds and heart are always being transformed from holy to holy. Yet there seems to be times when He is doing a “deep clean.” I am experience one of those times. I feel like God is doing open heart and brain surgery at the same time! I am still processing it all, and there is a lot to share, more than I am going to tell here.
Several weeks ago I come home and my Aunt is having tea with my mom. I sit down to join in the tea drinking and cookies eating. It doesn’t take long before we start talking about God. My Aunt asks if she can pray for me, which I of course say “YES!” because I can always use some prayer. One of the things that came out of the prayer time that had the most significance to me were a picture my Aunt received of me playing tug of war with Jesus.
Oh gosh! Why on Earth am I playing tug of war with Jesus! Silly silly me. Later on I asked God “What does this mean?” and God said to me “You need to drop the rope” and I thought “yes, OK I got that part, but how do I drop the rope” and God answered simply “stop trying to save yourself.” This rang very true to me. I have blogged before about my love of rules, religion and legalism. This is a weakness of mine, and it is really getting in the way with my relationship with Jesus, because instead of following and loving Him I am fighting him, I am resisting Him. Jesus is saying drop the rope, stop trying to do the right thing, stop trying to make yourself better, instead let me love you, lead you in the right way and I will make you the better person.
That’s just it, Jesus wants us all to drop the rope, we cannot save ourselves, which is why Jesus had to die on the cross and rise from the dead defeating sin and death. Are you playing tug of war with Jesus? Are you trying to in 10 steps or less to make yourself a better person (a better Christian)? It will not work. DROP THE ROPE!
OK We have dropped the rope! So now what? what do we do? We fix our eyes on Jesus. We pray, we sing, we spend time with other lovers of Jesus, we read the Bible and other encouraging books, we get out of our own little bubble and love other people, we dance, and we take deep breaths knowing that Jesus is transforming us from holy to holy. Amen!?
This is waaaay easier said than done. So please pray for me. I will be pray for you. Drop the rope grab Jesus’ hand and mine, and together we will walk this journey.

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