Friday, 29 July 2011

Experiencing the Anger of God

Some thoughts on God’s anger…

God is not anger at us – He is angry for us

God’s anger may startle (to say the very least) us, but His indifference would devastate us.

God’s anger is loves protection at its highest.

-         Steve Fry , I Am – The Unveiling of God

When I was in New Zealand on YWAM, I experienced an anger and darkness that scared me so bad; it was almost like I was getting glimpse of hell.

I felt separated from God.
I felt His judgment and condemnation.
It was horrible, horrific.

I can not fully describe how dark and lonely it was. All I could do was pray through it, the feeling lasted on and off (I experienced it when I went to spend time with God) for about a week.

I believe that I was experiencing God’s anger, but from the outflow of is intense love for me. God had a lesson for me; He wanted to wake me up to a Truth.  

Through this experience the Truth that I never ever want to be separated from God and that I was in desperate need of a Savior were solidified in my brain and heart. I believe that this was God’s love purpose in this experience, for me to come to the deep revelation of my need for Jesus.

With out someone to “wash me clean” (justify, save, take away my guilt) I am a really “dirty” (selfish, bitter, mean, angry and on and on!) person.

Praise God for Jesus Christ who has washed me clean from all me dirt and now I will never ever be separated from God! Can I get an Amen?

Have you ever experienced God’s anger? If so, what do you think was God’s love purpose in it?

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