Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beacause I Am A Girl

My heart was broken when I learned that…
·         70% of the one billion people living in extreme poverty are women and girls.
·         Girls are 3x more likely to be malnourished than boys.
·         In the poorest countries of the world, 50% of girls do not attend secondary school.
Girls and women in the world's poorest countries are the most vulnerable members of society, denied the same rights and opportunities as their brothers.
But there is hope! Because I also learned that…
·         An extra year of school for girls increases their lifetime income by 15%.
·         Children of women who have completed primary school are less likely to die before age 5 than children of mothers with no schooling.
·         Women invest more of their income in their families than men do.
Yes, there is hope! Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating a brighter, safer future for everyone. When girls are educated, healthy and informed, they pull themselves, their children and their communities out of poverty. The most vulnerable are potentially the most powerful. Empower a girl – she'll change the world for everyone around her, including boys and men.
I am a girl, so “girl issues” are obviously heavy on my heart… though I hate using the term women or girl issues, because women and men are humans, equally so, therefore women issues are human issues.
Are you a human? Than these issues concern YOU! So GET INFORMED. GET INVOLVED. Please check out Because I Am A Girl

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