Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Are You A Mirror?

A quick reflection - Hebrews 1:3 says Jesus is the perfect mirror reflection of God and that he is stamped with the nature of God... Now I do believe as "little Christs" we are meant to reflect Jesus to the world, being stamped with his nature. Agreed?

So that got me thinking, how can I reflect Jesus, with his nature stamped all over me, to the world today, right now? (If you are a visual learner close your eyes and picture this, reflecting Jesus like a mirror, being stamped with his nature, if your not repeat this over and over again till it really sinks in).

The first nature stamp that popped into my head this morning was selflessness. Jesus thought of others more often and before he thought of his own needs, wants, and desires... OK so for me to reflect Jesus to the world will be to make choices that put others needs, wants, and desires more often before my own. Do I want to go for a walk with my sister? Not really, but I know that would be loving her. Do I want to listen to this old man ramble on about whatever? No! But I know that sometimes that is a small way I can love him. Do I want this chocolate even though I know it's not fairtrade? Yup! But saying no to participating in that injustice is again just one small way for me to love people. All of these are just small ways I can think of others needs, wants, and desires before my own.

What about you? Make them practical, how can you think of others more often then you think of yourself, putting their needs, wants, and desires  before your own? In these small ways we will be reflecting Jesus to the world! WOW! What a privilege, glory to God! Amen

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