Saturday, 23 March 2013

God Wants to Speak to YOU!

God wants to meet with you today.

Like Moses meeting God in the burning bush, he heard God when he stopped and took a closer look. 

What is your burning bush? Everyday, all over the place, God has placed "burning bushes" for us, if we would only stop and pay attention. 

So today I urge you to be on the look out for how God wants to interact with you, through people, situations,  nature, and so on. 

There are "burning bushes" everywhere! In that man on the bus that you sit beside and starts rambling on about something? In the sweet smell of cherry blossoms as you walk to the grocery store? In you little sister as she calls you to say that she loves you? 

Please take the time to tread carefully through your days, because you are walking on holy ground, and you don't want to miss the voice of The Lord due to your busyness!

Better is one holy moment with The Lord than a thousand  consumed with our own affairs.  


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