Thursday, 7 March 2013

Really Great News!

God wants to adopt you into His family. If you have said yes, this means you are now fully and completely accepted by Him as a daughter or son! Now there is nothing that can ever ever separate you from His family, you are and will forever be His beloved child, no matter how far you run away from Him, or what kind of insults you hurl at His face, He will come find you, He will wait patiently for you to come home (depending on what He knows you need, some need to run away from home and be chased, while other need to be left to come home on their own terms). Oh what a gracious and merciful father we have! Not only are we forever His child and Him our Father, but He also will take care of us, providing for us, and even blessings us with good gifts, so we have nothing to fear or worry about because our dad is the King of the universe!

Oh this is really GREAT NEWS!

I praise your name King Jesus, thank you for making away for us to come into the family! Amen YES! :)

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