Monday, 18 March 2013

First Things First

Good morning friends and family,

I went to Jesus Culture last night, and I wanted to share with you what I heard God speaking to me...

We need to first receive healing and God's love for ourselves before we can ever hope to minister healing and God's love to other peoples lives. Nights like last night sometimes can seem sort of selfish to me, but Holy Spirit reminded me that I need to first be filled up with His everlasting love before I can go out and love others. If we try to minister from a place of our own strength (without the needed healing and love of God manifested in our own lives) we will not be effective nor sustainable, we will eventually burnout! PLUS it is good and right that we unite with other Christians from all over the city in praising our Lord and Saviour because He is WORTHY! Amen

May our lives ERUPT with His praises!

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