Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Holy Expectations

Yesterday evening my good friend asked me the question "who's excpectaions are you living under?"

This morning as I reflected on this, I felt The Lord saying to me "not Mine."

So I asked Jesus "what are your expectations of me?" 

And this what I heard, "to be holy as I AM holy. To love the LORD God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength."

I asked Jesus what does it mean to be "holy as you are holy?" And I felt the impression that it means to be set apart/different, living ourlives in light of who He is and who we He says we are!

Then to be holy as He is holy is know Him, and know ourselves in light of His grace and mercy. 

To know God is to be intimate with Him, to sit with Him, still and quietly listening to Him... 

"You are my beloved, I have chosen you, I am with you, I have made you clean, you are a new person in me, I have set you free from the clutches of sin and death!"

Now let us live in light of this Truth! We have been made new by the work Jesus Christ did on the cross, we have been set free from sinning and from the ways that bring death! 

We now get to live our lives in freedom, freedom to love, freedom to give, freedom to serve, freedom to share, freedom to dance and run with Jesus! 

Let us go out today and love as He has loved us, by the power of His Spirit that dwells within you and me, love genrously, love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength...

Be holy as He has made you holy.

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