Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It takes effort!

A real quick reflection...

This morning I was mediating in Psalm 3. I asked the question what do I fear? And what arose to the top first was rejection, being alone, and being left behind. 

The Holy Spirit impressed into my mind the truth "but I'm never alone with you Jesus" 
Me: "but you are not flesh and blood right now beside me Jesus" 
Jesus: "I know but I still can meet you where your at right now" 
Me: "really?" 
Jesus: "Oh yes!"

In reflection I wrote:

Yes here I AM

I AM here for you 

I love you with a love that never fails, it never ever ends ever.

I AM with you my dear one. I see you for all your beauty, I AM affirming you, I AM with you, I AM proud of you, I pick you, I have chosen you my dear girl, you are mine forever and ever.

I love you.

NOW this is where the quick reflection comes, after writing that I prayed

"please make this more than enough dear Jesus Amen" 
and His tender voice reassured me "I will, I will, with time, and confusing we meditation on my Truth to you." 

And that's when it clicked, something I have learns before but needed a reminder:

the Truth that will set us free will do so with continued, sustained reflection on His truth. 
We need to be reading our Bibles, but not just reading them taking the time to sit with them, to let the words of Truth sink into our minds and hearts, penetrating and transforming! 
But this does take time and consistency and effort on out part! In a "microwave" culture this can be very challenging for us! I should know! But I believe if we call out to The Holy Spirit He will help us!

So let us pray together "Jesus we need to be consistent in our prayers and reflections on your Truth, because Jesus we need you! Help us please Holy Spirit. Amen"

Oh I guess that was not so quick ;) haha 

God bless us all!


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