Monday, 15 August 2011

The Burning Bushs

A couple days ago I was reading a devotional about Moses and the Burning Bush and I had this revelation:

We are the burning bush.

We are set on fire by God, it is His Fire (His love and The Holy Spirit) that burns bright in us, but we are no consumed, we are not burned up.

The Fire of God (His love) purifies us, burns up anything that is not of God, and fortifies all that is of Him.

This got me to thinking what is fire (the physical natural fire) what are its characteristics, what does it do?

I thought of forest fires, how they spread, how things catch on fire, how fire leaps to dry things. The Fire of God (The Holy Spirit) that is in us jumps, spreads, catches. Others will catch on fire when they come close to us. Flames leap to dry place (people with out the Holy Spirit are like dry land).

I thought about how people gather around fire for warmth and comfort. The Fire that is in us is the Comforter (the Holy Spirit), therefore we are a comfort, to those who are cold, tired, hurt and broken.

I got the picture someone walking through a dark windy cave with a burning torch. When we are set on fire by the Holy Spirit, we become a burning torch that guides in the darkness.

Lastly I thought about how fire is used to cook food. This is the least developed of all my thoughts. When we talk with people about questions, ideas and thoughts, these will be fully baked or cooked on the Fire of Truth. With out the Holy Spirit we can have some knowledge and some “good” ideas but they are “half baked” (probably even less then that). What I mean by “half baked” is that they are not fully developed, they have holes in them, and they are filled with lies.
When we are filled with the Spirit and we discuss, think and talk His Fire of Truth works on (cooks) are thoughts and fully cooks them. Just like when we cook meat we kill all the stuff that could harm us, the Holy Spirit’s Fire cooks out (kills) all the lies in are thinking.

I know that this metaphor can go further and deeper. Let’s do some cooking! What are your thoughts? Let’s throw in some ingredients, and let the Holy Spirit cook us up something Divine :)

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