Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jesus: The First Avenger

Jesus: The First Avenger

Jesus is YOUR Avenger.
Jesus is you own PERSONAL Super Hero!

Jesus will never ever EVER leave or forsake you,
pinky swear.

When that bully beats you up,
when you get cheated on,
or when someone is just a plain ol’ B with an itch…

Jesus has YOUR back,
and forever,
so don’t worry.

No need to raise your fists,
plan an prank of revenge,
or even to Tweet!

There is a better WAY (Warning: this is no walk in the park.)

Pray for the mean girls (and boys)
treat them as you wish to be LOVED.

Don’t fret, don’t pout
because Jesus has you covered…

You have His Holy Spirit filling you up from the TOP of your head
to the bottom of your toes,
and everything in between.

That’s right,
you heard me right,
you got it, Jesus has given you a SUPER POWER:


You can be a super hero that LOVES the bad guys (or girls) in to the mind blowinglife crushing LOVE of God

Sounds like a fairytale?

It’s not!
because you serve a CRAZY BIG God who is the IMPOSSIBLE and LOVES you with a CRAZY IMPOSSIBLE LOVE.

Now that you know who YOU are,
and you have been given your mission


GO FORTH Super Hero’s for Christ,
and LOVE ALL those who hurt you right into the arms of Jesus!

and NEVER fear for Jesus is HERE!


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