Tuesday, 13 January 2015

All, Not Just An Average.

Here we go again… 

Oh gosh that sounds awfully ominous, that’s unintended, it’s just the phrase that came to mind, so I wrote it, because that’s kinda what I do, I think a thought and I write it, praying that by God’s grace it will be some kind of blessing to someone out there. That being said I doubt that “here we go again” will be of any particular blessing to anyone, but maybe it echoes some of what you might be feeling or have felt? Whether it is the start of a new term at school or the start of the day, have ever just sorta let out a sigh of “here we go again?” 

That’s how I was feeling this morning. I got up earlier than I would have liked, and after making my coffee, as I sat down to be with the Lord, I didn’t really have anything to say or to even think about, I didn’t really have the energy to read anything, I just sorta was like “ooookkk I’m up, so now what?” The song that was playing keep repeating “you are holy God, holy holy holy, you are worthy God, worthy worthy, worth.” So since i didn’t really know what to do with myself or even what not to do, I started to write:

holy holy holy 
worthy worthy worthy 
Worthy, because you are holy, you are worthy because you alone are the living God.
Therefore not myself or a man or a job or a dream or anything else are worthy of all my attention, focus, energy, time and resources. You alone God are worthy of all.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

ALL not an average, not most of it, not just with your “spirit” but ALL our time, all of ourselves, mind, body and soul!

The thing that struck me this morning is that this is so important not just because it is a command but because He alone is worthy of ALL and to do any less is to be wasting our time, our lives on less than the best, less then the full and abundant.

But how?

I have heard sermons on this, read some chapters in books, and maybe you have too. And often they boil it down to the intention behind what we do. I would agree with this, but I think the point that God is reminding me of today is that we need to be constantly examining our intentions and alining our ways with His, through prayer, reading and studying the Word, fellowship, praise… because as still not yet perfected humans we are prone to wander, to go off track, and we need the spiritual disciplines to keep us focused on He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Amen!?

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