Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Lie

God is for us.

Do you believe it?

The Maker of the universe is on your side.

Then whom shall we fear?

If this is really true, if the All Knowing, All Powerful, All Loving Father is for us, on our side, working things for our good, then what or who could we possibly be worried about?

Nothing and no one, if this is all really true then we have nothing and no one to fear or to worry about. (Rom 8:31)

The problem I keep having is that I don’t really truly in my heart of hearts believe that God is for me, that He has my best interest in mind (Rom 8:28). 

As I have said before there is a part of me, a part that is deep and dark, that believes the lie that I can’t really trust God, that He is holding something back from me. 

I have believed the lie that Adam and Eve believed in the Garden (Gen 3). That God is not good and that He is withholding something from me, that there is something good that God doesn’t want me to have, and that to get it I have to take it myself. 

This is an insidious lie, that left unchecked, spreads and infects the rest of my thinking, it damages my mind and heart, making it difficult, if not impossible, for me to trust God, making it difficult for me to receive His life giving love, making it difficult for me to live an abundant life in Him, and making it difficult for me to be His life giving ambassador. 

Do you see how serious this is!?

That’s the thing about lies, they are like cancer, and we need to take them seriously like cancer. We can’t just shrug our shoulders and go on living our lives as the lies spreads throughout our whole lives, killing us and hurting others. 

I’ve already written on lies. But as I’ve said before about other topics, I think we all can probably use the reminder. 

That’s the thing about being a broken human on our way to wholeness we need constant reminders of the truth. I mean constant, day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute! This is why God in His grace has given us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us as a guide, teacher, and councillor (John 14:15-31). Never take this for granted, you are not alone, you have been given the Holy Spirit who is at work in you to give you the power and desire to do what pleases the Father (Phil 2:13). 

And not only the Holy Spirit but God has also given us each other! We where never meant to walk this journey alone, He has been from the very beginning (back to the time of Abraham) been calling to Himself a people (Gen 12). We are designed to live and be in community, as iron sharpens iron, we cannot be sanctified alone, we need each other in fellowship and discipleship (Heb 10:24-25). 

As I struggle with my fears and doubts, the Spirit reminded me that I’m not in this alone.

Father God, I’m having, always have had, a hard time accepting you know best and that you have my best interest in heart… Jesus, I want what I want and I have a really hard time not going after it, and instead trusting you…

My desires are strangling the life out of me. Not that they are in themselves bad but because instead of focusing on you Jesus, I have fixed my eyes on my wants and desires. I need to lay down, give up my desires, I need to place them into your hands, and instead of trying to control my life, I need to focus on knowing you and being known by you, letting everything else fall into its place (Matt 6:33). Jesus I have made you just another thing to do, I have placed you on my to do list, I’m not even sure you are at the top of my list, please forgive me. 

I’m not entirely sure what it looks like to have you not just be a part of my life, but for you to be my very life. But Jesus I believe, or at least a part of me, that you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6) and that you are showing me how to be truly human, you are guiding me out of the ways of death and into the ways of life! Help me Jesus to set aside anything and everything that hinders me, pick up my cross and follow you…

I believe please help my unbelief (Mark 9:24)

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